Self Evaluation Action Plan

BGDSHU_Tools & Systems Part 2_Year 2 Sem 5_August 2016



What I have done were I posted my area of interest and some research about infographic.  What I miss is lack of post in my WordPress blog and process of my work.  In the future plan I will post regularly in the weekend and be active in blogging.

Project Work

I have done survey, chart, and collect some opinion from audience in my research.  The obstacles preventing me from finalizing my work is hasn’t got ideas or inspiration about final outcome.  What is next is to find material, find ideas, several tryout, more testing, and do sketches.

Digital Publication

In my PDF I have put all my data collection and evidence of the research.  The weakness is lack of interactive in PDF form.  Need to improve is to change the style of interactive movement and probably add more content.

Finding out More

I must create some illustration or design outcome regarding from data collection and learn new software like 3D modelling to improve my technical skills.  To support design process I use my data collection or to visualize into design.  The weaker areas that I highlighted are lack of sketches, tryouts, and design process.

Action Plan

My Priorities list

  1. Learn new software and improve technical skills
  2. Create illustration or design outcome
  3. Upload post weekly
  4. Search ideas and develop design process
  5. Evaluate the intended outcome

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