Analog & Digital

I make five symbols through five sense of place there are hear, taste, touch, see, and smell.  I make five symbols based on my favorite in term of five senses, in this blog will show my ideas from sketches to digitize.


Crusenho_Hear (Analog)Crusenho_Hear (Digital)

I like hear a sound of piano and sketch a lot of many kind of symbols related.


Crusenho_Taste (Analog)

Crusenho_Taste (Digital)

I like to taste of burger and many tryout I have sketched to select the best outcome.


Crusenho_Touch (Analog)

Crusenho_Touch (Digital)

I like to touch keys of piano and I combine the hand with keys together to create the symbol of touch.


Crusenho_See (Analog)

Crusenho_See (Digital)

I like see the view of nature and the idea come from looking at tree therefore, I draw kind of trees and an eye to fit the tree inside the eye together.


Crusenho_Smell (Analog)

Crusenho_Smell (Digital)

I think the aroma of coffee beans is very fragrant.  The analog part is very difficult for me to make the aroma and the digital part I make the trial and the final because I think the final one is better than the trial.

One thought on “Analog & Digital

  1. The symbols that you have created for sound, taste and touch are quite well crafted. The hierarchy of the symbol design have been properly considered, therefore is easy to read. The design for the smell – coffee symbol is a bit predictable, but good to read your reflection on your try to create it digitally.


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