Investigate Design – Uncovering the Hidden (Project Proposal)

Project Brief

This project sets the challenge to create design work that communicates research insights from a selected theme using a specific lens. As the designer must reveal the hidden within one of the chosen themes listed and by choosing one of the given lenses.  The aim is to provoke an audience to consider hidden perspectives and questions.  So, the title of this project is going to reveal hidden perspective of Giant Panda as wild animals.


Based on the brief provided the chosen theme is science.  Science is a one of the branch knowledge that studies about showing the truth in well-organized, data collection gained through observation and experimentation.  “science is also a process of discovery that allows us to link isolated facts into coherent and comprehensive understandings of the natural world.” (Understanding Science, 2016).  Since the Stone Age until modern day animals have been living with humans very closely.  Therefore humans start to slowly research about animal’s behavior.


The lens of this project is truth.  Some group of people thinks that Pandas are a cute and cuddly animal when looking at the gentle appearance, but the reality is “A panda can deliver one of the highest bite forces of any carnivore” (Nicholls, 2015).  There is a case of panda attack last year show that “A man may lose his leg after he was attacked by a wild panda as it was chased by locals after it wandered into a village in China.” (Carter, 2015).  The truth about the giant pandas in the wildlife is they are much more aggressive if they felt threatened and do not behave like the ones in the zoo.  Therefore, the reason to reveal hidden perspective of the panda is because to tell the audience to be aware so that can prevent an awful incident before thinking the misconception of this creature.


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