Chosen Area of Investigation/Theme

Program: BA (Hons) Graphic Design (3+0), SHU

Course / Module: Tools and Systems [Graphic Design]

Project / Assignment Title: Task 1: Envisioning Information 1 (30%)

Brief: Represent information or data in a creative visual form that expresses a narrative to an audience.



For this project I have decided what theme I am going to focus on, finally for 2 weeks I choose  video games as my theme.

New Doc 1_6


What topical area are you interested in focusing on?

Basically in this project I will focus the overall of video games which are included console, pc/laptop, and online platform. Console is a physical device to operate a computer to play games, for example : PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo, Wii U, etc.



What excites you?

In video games there are a lot of genre that give you different atmosphere.  Personally, I feel excired when I play action, shooting, and adventure games.



What do you want to know/tell more about?

I want to know how to be healthy gamer, benefit of video games, the advantages and disadvantages of video games, lastly in this project I want to make an infographic about video games that can give a good advice to the viewer.




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