What is life?

What is life 3.1

This original design was created to sparks conversation about the question of “What is life?” This design was created when my professor give me an assignment to think about my opinion about life and design it.

Life is imagination, you close your eyes…no talk…do nothing…just imagine what you want in your life and after that you have a goal in your life.  FIND IT, MAKE IT, LIVE WITH IT, I think that’s the reason why we still alive and given a chance to make it come true.  Everyone is entitled to have it, to have a dream and not just a dream but dream high if you can because in the end you will get what you want.

The purpose of the project actualy is exercise on laser cutting workshop and you have to create a design of “what is life?” and engraved on a piece of plywood A5 size.

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