Individual Promotion Item #2

Poster 3Poster 4

I created posters for promoting our stopmotion video (D.S.S.F Group) about overcome awkward silence.  With my friend’s help I can produce and learn how can influence people to find their curiosity after looked in these posters.

I am not good in making poster and this is one of my weakness, that’s why I need my friend to help me out.  But in the future I will learn more and improve my self, in order to make a good design to influence people.

The purpose of the project is to create something to promote and support your team.  In my role I choose photography and my friend gave me an idea about make posters with photography so in the end, they help me and I work on it.

The poster tells about awkward silence is something you can overcome and don’t be afraid your are not alone so with our help we can give you solution.  In the poster there are two characters mashmallows boy and girl, picture at top the boy fells anxious because he is facing awkward silence situation and doen’t know what to say, and the girl confuses.  Picture at bottom they are holding their hand to show that you are not alone trouble with awkward silence.

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