Reflection of what I learned from ” Design of the East by Masanori Shinozuka”

We take picture with Masanori Shinozuka

After I attended the talk show I enjoy it and learn some point of his experience.  During presentation, one of interesting knowledge that I got is to make good design you must know 5 things in your work: Research, Concept, Attractive, Originality, and Presentation.

I remembered, a good research is not from Google because everyone will have some idea but a good research what he means is exploration on the spot, feel the air of the place and at the same time capture that moment through your sketches, that is why he never take photograph because you cannot feel the atmosphere.

He is a hard working designer, I like the way he did research and process making of his work for example before he finalize the logo of 1998 Winter Olympics Nagato he wrote down a lot of keywords whatever come to his mind, then he pick 3 keywords(snowflake, harmony, flowers) and use them to make the logo.

And then he said somethings I like, the final of your artwork does not always final ask yourself again is there anything I do more or change.  Don’t made just one idea but do as much as you can even 100 ideas he said, I encouraged want to like him when I heard he always presented at least five ideas to his client.

Since he was child he like design and that is why now he become a great designer and passioned of it, I hope in the next 2020 Summer Olympics he will make a good logo for his country.

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