The Power of Words

I am aiming to produce a small, worded advertisement that ‘sells your space’ in some way – as a local resident, as a visitor, to an interested audience.  Based on the idea of a ‘small ad’ in terms of length – ie between 12-25 words approx, including ‘headline’ and ‘sign-off’. Work through the exercises below, in order. Final size = A3.

At the beginning I start with a list of attractions I am personally attracted in Petaling Street.  Then I describe the place and make the right headines.  So, my first Power of Words sounds like “Discover the street adveture.  Dozens of food, clothes, and accessories are waiting for you, satisfied your eyes and stomach fully.  @Petaling Street”

PW 1st Tryout

The image above is my first tryout.  Simple arrangement and not neat so I do other tryout which is the image below.

PW 2nd Tryout

This is my second tryout and my teache gives me some feedback to correct my mistakes.  So again I have to make other tryout and do some exercise.

PW 3rd Tryout

After I receive some comment from my sister ( She helps me to correct my sentence) I made some changes of my Power of Words sentence, I remove “are waiting for you”, “your eyes and stomach fully” and “Satified” change to “Satify”, also I add “all your desire It’s worth it!”.  I think this one is better and I like my work this one (The image shown above).

PW 4th Tryout

This one will be my final sentence that i am going to use it in my Power of Words, some changes from previous work and different arrangement.  The image shown above is suppose to be my final poster, but after I receive some feedback from my teacher and my friend I should change some arrangement and words composition.  The sign-off will be good if put at the right bottom and correct words position of the headlines above ( Words in curve lines are too close each other).

PW Final

Finally, this is my final poster of Power of Words (the image shown above).  Good arrangement, sign-off at the right bottom, different thickness and font on every words divide different attractiveness.  In my future, I am going to use this design transfer to silkscreen and use it to design on my T-Shirt.

Actually, there are a lot of exercise and idea behind all of them that I do not put in this post, so I only upload part of my important work in this project.


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