Reproduction & Refinement

The power of words in my this poster are “Paradise of Food, Clothes, Accessories.  How I made it: First is I photocopy 3 of my previous exercise drawing in my sketchbook.  Lastly I tear each of my drawing one by one then I paste with glue.  Why I design it in that way?: The word “Paradise” is hierarchy with big size and at the top.  “Food”,”Accessories”, and “Clothes” are part of my power of word because these items are attractive in PetalingStreet.  Some small drawing and sentences are just to support of my power of words.  My poster is in portrait mode because it easy for me to arrange my drawing together from top which is the hierarchy to bottom which are contents to support.

Which part I do not like is I can see each part of my paper I tear at the side stand out after I print out, which are not very clean and neat.

Which part I like is my power of words are very clear and stand out.

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