Hello world!

My name is Crusenho from Indonesia studying at INTI College Subang in Malaysia.  My Program is BGDSHU (Bachelor of Graphic Design Sheffield Hallam University).

This is my first post and first day of my Semester 2 of Graphic Design, Transition Part 2 - First Day

This module is Transition Part 2, In the class I and my classmate made several questions on piece of small paper after that flip it and we pick randomly.  So, Finally my turn to pick the paper this is my question i get “would you rather kiss a WEREWOLF or ZOMBIE, and why? 😛 “.

The purpose of this activity is to describe the answer from the question through drawing.  so, my answer here is WEREWOLF.  Why? because i like dog, its very cute and social animal, easy to make friends with humans i mean not the wild wolf but common dog.  Werewolf is kind of dog so i still like it even in the wild, this animal is smart and has teamwork while hunting the prey.  So, in this picture the “love” and “kiss” marks are to describe how much i like the animal.

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